Heart & Soul introduces its female members to upstanding- top-tier suitable male candidates, who are seeking and serious about finding a loving life partner.

Consequently, Heart & Soul is NOT an online computerized matchmaking service- but we are a team of dynamic, passionate and experienced relationship architects, coaches and strategists (founded & headed by Natalie Clarice) - who fully help women understand the complex DNA of how REAL men think and what REAL men want from their female partners. In addition, H&S is an exclusive LOVE agency, that executes a comprehensive professional process, designed to:

• Help Suitable- Compatible Singles Come Together, In A Respectable- Well Structured Manner- With The Sole Purpose of Finding A Serious Loving Relationship and Life Partner.

• Helping Women and Men, Understand The Intricate Complexities, of Healthy/ Successful Dating Habits and Learn The Foundational Intelligence, About The Dating Process That Will Lead To A Successful Relationship and/or Marriage.

• Helping Women Understand How To Achieve (Unwavering) Self Awareness, Self Mastery and Self Love- That Can't Be Compromised By Cheap Thrills or Cheap Flattery.

• Helping Dating Couples and Married Couples Fully Understand The Stages/ Phases of Love- That MUST Be Experienced In A Relationship or Marriage Partnership, For The Couple To Accomplish The End Result- of Having A Happy-Healthy-Successful Relationship and/or Marriage.

Heart & Soul International operates its global LOVE consulting firm- on the basis of (solid) integrity, honesty, respect, trust/ confidentiality and client commitment. H&S, understands that people need a private place to discreetly explore their options for companionship; Talk candidly-openly and in complete confidence about their past relationship experiences; And privately engage in LOVE consulting/ coaching that can help them succeed at finding true love. Thus, H&S implements a comprehensive LOVE program-plan of action for each client member- carefully evaluating each member's past experiences, present circumstances and future goals.Therefore, whether the client is searching for a lifetime partner or simply a meaningful relationship- at Heart & Soul International- it is our core objective to achieve AMAZING LOVE results for each and everyone of our members!


Natalie Clarice, aka "The Titan of Love" is the premier relationship strategist, TV Personality, and the CEO/Founder of Heart & Soul International Love Agency.

Since its launch in 2009, Natalie Clarice's- Heart & Soul International Love Agency, has become the premier source for assisting professional, upwardly mobile women, find true love; connect with healthy-meaningful companionship; fine-tune their dating & relationship management skills; and achieve unwavering self love and self respect. To learn more...



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