I am a Marketing Executive in New York and because of my work schedule I really do not have time to go out and meet people.  I decided to try something different and contact Heart & Soul International.  It was one of the best decision I could have ever made as far as finding someone special.  The Heart & Soul Team is the greatest.  But Natalie Clarice; OMG is absolutely the best.  I love her!  To make a long story short; her selection for me was perfect.  Me and my guy have been going strong for 2 years now and it has been a beautiful journey.  I will forever; be grateful to the Heart & Soul team.  But Natalie Clarice; I can’t say enough about her.  She is simply AMAZING. Thank you!

Monica P. New York

I am a CEO of an event planning firm in Orlando.  I was married and did not understand my husband sudden distance from me and my child.  I was so hurt and so confused; I decided to seek out relationship management coaching and decided to reach out to Heart & Soul International.  Due to the fact; this was my first time seeking out a service like this; I was a bit unsure because I did not know what to expect.
Let me tell you; Natalie Clarice has a gift. I sat with her and explained everything I was going through in my marriage and my husband distance from me and my child.  Natalie listen, never interrupted.  Once I finished she asked me, was that it?  I said yes.  She explained everything that was going on with my husband and the reason he was distancing himself from me.  Natalie gave me step by step of what to do to try and get things back on track.  She explained to me for each step what to expect from him.  I could not believe this lady was able to tell me how my relationship will unfold after demonstrating each step.  Everything Natalie said will happen after demonstrating each step is exactly what happened.  I was amazed that someone could provide me that knowledge without ever meeting my husband as that time.  She has helped and prepared me for a lifetime.  Thank you so much Natalie!

Raven S. Orlando, FL

I’m single; been in the dating arena for quite some time and have been very unsuccessful.  As a 41 years old woman who desires a meaningful relationship because it does get lonely.  I have tried online dating a few times and it is horrible.  It was a complete waist of time for me.  After a friend told me about Heart & Soul International; and their customized approach; I contacted them and requested a phone consultation before completing the online application process.  After the consultation; I was sold and decided to move forward and invest in a membership.  To make it short; it was the best investment I could have ever made.  This guy I am now dating is such an amazing guy.  Literally I get butterflies when I’m with him.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing; but I think I’m in love.  He is so perfect for me.  He is so gentle but so manly.  We have been dating for 10 months now and have already created so many memories. I am praying one day he is my husband. This is it for me…..I truly feel I have found my soulmate.  I will never forget Natalie words to me when I met her.  “Everyone has a soul mate.  The challenge is connecting with your soul mate.”  Natalie introduced me to (3) guys…they all were great guys; but the third match was my guy.  Thank you….thank you….thank you Natalie.  If we get married; You must speak at our wedding. Lol!

Ashley M. West Palm, FL

I am 52 and a Plastic Surgeon.  I don’t get out much as I would like.  As a man who is very successful and really would like to get married one day; Natalie Clarice was referred to me by my business partner.  He reached out to her on my behalf and arranged a meeting at my office.  Natalie arrived at the office for our meeting and was like WOW because she is very attractive.  My first thought was is she married? Lol!  Natalie introduced herself and her initial process in helping me find someone special.  I liked her concept and her personalized approach to the dating process. I explained to her what I was looking for, what I like and what I don’t like and if she could help me?  She replied; of course, I can help you.  I replied great…when can we get started? She said now; and I proceeded to complete the paper work required.  Four weeks after becoming a member; Natalie had four ladies for me.  Natalie’s concierge desk arranged the initial introduction at Prime Fish on Miami Beach.  Although I am a very confident man; I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time.  This young lady Natalie selected on my behalf was THE ONE.  She was amazing.  Not just in looks but she was intelligent, fun and very easy to get to know.  I was very impressed by her selection.  I was so impressed; I sent Natalie a text during the date just to say; “She’s great!” I was so excited about the first selection; I never got a chance to meet the other three women Natalie selected on my behalf.  I told her; I really, really like this first pick and I really would like to get to know her and see what will happen.  Natalie response was; sounds good to me.  I am going deactivate your membership now until further notice from you. I am happy to say; I am engaged; and the wedding is scheduled for 2019.  Natalie you are the greatest and you will always be someone very special to me and my Fiance’.  This union is all because of you and your all-star team.
Thank you!

Ryan M. Miami Beach, FL

I am a nurse, 38 years old.  Never been married.  Within the last 3 years; I have dated three guys and neither one of them worked out. I was at a point that I was very frustrated with dating and with men.  I couldn’t understand why every relationship failed.  I questioned myself; what was I doing wrong?  I evaluated myself and tried to pinpoint what could be the problem.  I came up with nothing because to me; I was nice, always available, kind and to a point generous.  It got to a point; I found myself getting very depressed and decided to seek out a date coach. A friend told me about Natalie Clarice and her agency; Heart & Soul international and she offers date coaching memberships.  I thought to myself maybe this is what I need.  I purchased one date coaching session first because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase a date coaching membership by it being my first time.  The date coaching session is with Natalie Clarice who is the Principal of HSI.  I can’t say enough about this lady.  This lady pointed out every flaw I was making with men.  Flaws I did not even know were flaws.  This experience was such as eye opener for me.  I was totally in disbelief with this knowledge that was given to me.  This date coaching experience was worth every penny.  I would advise any woman who is having difficulty with dating or difficulty understanding men….to please contact Heart & Soul International.  You are going to come out as a brand new woman.  Natalie Clarice is the TRUTH!  I absolutely adore her….!

Jasmine H. Atlanta, GA


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