WOMEN Get Started Here!
To be considered for a membership with Heart & Soul International LOVE agency; you are required to do the following:

• Stroll to the bottom and download the online membership application.

• Thoroughly complete the membership application

• Submit (2) recent photos of yourself.  Photos we prefer are a full-length body photo and a headshot.  Photos must be current and taken within the last month.

• Submit your complete application, required photos, non-refundable application fee to the address listed on the online membership application.

This is what will happen once we receive your membership application and non-refundable application fee:
A membership director will review your application and photos you have submitted. After the review; your application will be transferred to our Executive Director who will then determine if you meet the agency criteria to proceed with accepting and engaging you in a customized membership.

PLEASE NOTE:  Incomplete membership applications submitted will not be accepted, reviewed and/or considered.

To download Heart & Soul International Online Membership Application Click Here


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