LOVE Platinum Membership
This LOVE Membership is designed for the career professional woman, who maintains a busy lifestyle. She is very selective about who she dates and strongly desires to find a special (compatible) male companion, in pursuit of engaging in an exclusive (healthy) relationship.

LOVE Presidential Membership
This LOVE Membership is designed for the CEO/ Executive woman, who maintains a busy lifestyle. In addition, this upwardly-mobile woman standards are meticulously high and (thus) she requires a 2nd-tier level of discreetness, privacy and confidentiality, due to her professional/ social influence, lifestyle status and professional accomplishments.

Self LOVE Membership
This LOVE Membership is for the woman who wants to (seriously) rediscover, rebuild and fine-tune her self value, self awareness, self confidence and self love. Thus, this coaching-consulting membership package is designed for women, whose self love, self awareness and self confidence has been significantly weakened and damaged, due to an emotionally unhealthy relationship, friendship, work experience and/ or life setback.

Total Happiness LOVE Membership
This LOVE Membership is the 360 Degrees Total Me Enhancer Program. From the inner to the outer- this 360 Degrees Total Me Enhance Program membership, offers women, desiring to be their very best- premier one-on-one: date coaching, relationship management coaching, image development & refinement coaching and personal development coaching.

LOVE Coaching Sessions (6-8 Coaching Sessions Minimum)
Date Coaching
Relationship Management Coaching
Pre-Marital Coaching
Marriage Coaching
Prevent Divorce Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Image Consulting / Image Makeover

HSI Inner Circle Membership Presented By Natalie Clarice
Inner Circle benefits, advantages and access to annual events and activities.

Special Notation:
H&S LOVE Membership Programs Cost/ Prices for Membership Clients Vary In Scope and Are Based On The Program You Select and The Level of Customization Required For Each Client Member's Program.

"Love Feels Good"


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